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Are you under the common misconception that coupons are only for grocery shopping? Fortunately, you don’t have to stop using coupons when you leave the grocery store. If you know where to look, you can find coupons that will help you refuel at your favorite restaurant after your supermarket expeditions. Below are a few sources for these delicious, and FREE, coupons:

Free coupon books: Look around when you go into an establishment, especially one that is not a franchise. Often times, you will see a stack of free local coupon books lying around. These usually aren’t high dollar coupons, but they often showcase a wide variety of independent merchants. If nothing else, think of all the support you will be giving the local economy!

 Phone book coupons: Depending on the area you live in, your phone book may have coupons for local restaurants inside. These coupons are similar to the coupon books you find at local establishments.

The following coupon/certificate sources I am going to share with you are not free, but don’t write these off. You can purchase them for pennies on the dollar, and they usually save you a much larger percentage versus the free coupons. Even better, you can purchase these coupons/certificates through the MyPoints website and earn points. Check out some of my fave sources:

Entertainment Books: The best way to get your hands on an Entertainment Book is to go online to their website at http://www.entertainment.com/discount/local_editions.shtml. You research your zip code through the website, and a particular copy of the coupon book will be selected for you. The books are seperated by region. The books usually are several hundred pages, and they contain coupons for local restaurants, entertainment venues, local specialty shops and hotels. The books also contain coupons for chain venues and franchises that are located in that zip code. Often times, these coupons are buy one get one free coupons! The books usually cost between 30-40 dollars, but they are well worth the initial investment. Sometimes, if you keep your eyeballs open for special deals, you can get one for as low as $20.00.

Restaurant.com gift certificates: Go to http://www.restaurant.com. This is a website where you can get gift certificates for locally owned restaurants at deep discounts. You just enter the zip code where you want to search, and the site will give you a list of the participating restaurants in that area. The site normally sells the certificates at $10 for a $25 gift certificate, but you can get a $25 certificate for as little as $2-just join their email list. The site will email you when they are running sales. They usually do the $2 certificate sale at least once a month. This is a great way to try out a restaurant that you may not normally be able to afford.

If you are new to using coupons, it can seem a little overwhelming at first to get started. If you are persistent though, the money you save will be well worth the effort. Stick with it, and you will find that you rarely ever have to pay full price for your three square meals!

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