How to Decorate Cakes

Have you always wanted to know the basics to decorating a cake? Well now you can and it’s so simple! I’m going to give you five easy steps to decorating any cake with a minimal amount of tools so you don’t need all those expensive professional tools.

Step One: After baking your cake, let’s say a chocolate cake made from two 8′ round pans for the sake of this article, you will need to level each layer. Get a long serrated knife, like the kind you (should) use for cutting bread, and cut the rounded top of each layer or if you want just the bottom layer.

Step Two: Here’s is an easy way to save time and always ensure a great tasting icing, buy it pre-made. Betty Crocker provides a variety of flavors to suit any cake and it only cost you about a buck and a half.

Step Three: Grab your favorite rubber spatula and grab a hefty amount of icing and put down right in the middle of the bottom layer and spread out from there. Don’t worry about decorating the sides yet just make sure you have an even layer of icing then set the other layer right on top. Again plop down a large heaping of icing on the top of the cake and work your way out from the middle. Don’t worry about it being perfectly smooth just make sure you cover all of the cake. When decorating the sides it easier to work down icing from the top rather than load a spoon full on the side because that just makes a mess. Once the cake is completely covered you are ready to decorate!

Step Four: Decorating a cake can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. For an elegant looking cake purchase edible flowers and use them around the bottom where the cake meets the plate to cover any blemishes. Or grab a pretty piece of ribbon and stick it to the icing about half an inch from the bottom and then place the flowers below that. This makes for a great bridal shower cake or just an elegant cake for any occasion. For kids think of a theme for the cake and then use small toys from around the house to decorate the top and around the cake like small cars or plastic dress up jewelry. Candies like peppermints or cute shaped chocolates you can buy pre-made could also be used but it’s all up to you! The possibilities are endless; just use your imagination and creativity.

Step Five: Cut into your cake and enjoy! Your friends and family will enjoy the cake no matter what you do so make sure you enjoy the company and don’t stress!

For those of you who want to begin using tips and frosting bags go ahead just remember practice makes perfect. Before piping on to the actual practice on the counter first or if you’re not ready for the cake yet practice on a piece of cardboard and toss it when you’re done.

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