Left Side Abdominal Pain Causes

If you have ever experienced left side abdominal pain then you are certainly aware how severe it can be. The puzzling thing about abdominal pain on the left side is that it is often hard to determine the cause. Because of this, many people go through life ignoring the pain and choosing to simply live with it. Unfortunately, making this decision to just live with the pain could be causing you in the long run. In short, this kind of abdominal pain that is not severe at first may not present a problem to you or your doctors. However, over time the pain will begin to get worse and worse until it gets to a point where it is basically unbearable. There is no reason to let the pain get to this point. Since it is fairly easy to educate yourself on causes of pain you should never have any questions as to the nature of your condition.

Left Side Abdominal Pain Causes

* Stomach tumor. Unfortunately, a stomach tumor could cause dull pain for a good while on the lower left side of the abdomen before the pain becomes severe. This is why it is a good idea to investigate the source of the pain when it first occurs. A stomach tumor could prove to be life threatening thing. If you do not identify it early by recognizing the symptoms you could be putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

* Diverticulitis. This is a digestive condition that can cause serious cramping and sharp pain in the left side of the abdomen. Not only will this cause some of the most severe left side abdominal pain possible but it can also lead to the development of other conditions. If you are having left side abdominal pain after you eat then there is a chance you may have this condition. The only way to verify it is by seeing your doctor. They will be able to perform a series of tests that will help to diagnose the condition.

* Indigestion. Simply put, indigestion can be the major cause. Many people think of indigestion as a minor issue that can cause heartburn. However, it can be much more than that. Serious cases of indigestion can cause a stabbing pain in the left side that can be quite severe. Taking an over the counter medication could help treat the indigestion and relieve the symptoms.


Left abdominal pain is a symptom of various health disorders and it can sometimes be serious or fatal to anyone. Contact a medical professional immediately if you are experiencing such pain that is chronic or severe. If you are suffering from pain in the left side of your abdomen, an accurate check up on your recent food consumption, chores and activities can help you determine the possible cause of your abdominal pain.

Looking from a medical perspective, the abdomen starts just below the thorax or breastbone and extends below towards the pelvic bones. The abdomen is home to your small and large intestines, liver, spleen, pancreas and gallbladder. Moreover, the ureters and urinary system are in the abdomen. Although, the reproductive organs are in the pelvis region which is also considered by a lot of people as their abdomen.


The way in which your body tells you that there is something wrong is through pain, and since the abdomen houses many organs, the location of the pain relies upon the type and intensity of the pain as indicators of an underlying condition. Some of the more typical digestive disorders cause left abdominal pain which is accompanied by gas, colitis, indigestion, Diverticulitis, Pancreatitis, renal problem or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that affects the left kidney or ureter. If the pain is new, severe, sharp or chronic, consult a medical professional for advice and diagnosis.


As the abdomen is the body’s largest cavity, left abdominal pain can indicate a problem somewhere else inside the abdomen. An ectopic pregnancy that affects the left fallopian tube is one condition that can radiate pain into the upper part of the abdomen. For women, endometriosis can cause chronic or severe pain in the abdomen. If a medical professional suspects the pain is coming from your reproductive organs, a transvaginal ultrasound can establish the exact problem.


A physical examination by a medical professional can help make a good diagnosis with the left abdominal pain. You have to provide information like recent meals, activities and chores, etc. In addition, even if affects the entire abdomen, food poisoning accompanied by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may also affect and cause the pain that can cause muscle cramps. Left abdominal pain attributed to left kidney disorders can extend towards your back. Kidney stones can cause excruciating pain and discomfort that may require laser treatment to break or smash the stone to smaller pieces in order for them to pass along or through the ureter.

Potential and Warning

Even though a simple digestive problem may result in this type of pain, the underlying cause or source may be potentially serious. A medical professional should examine any new pain seriously. The pain in your abdomen accompanied by fever, abdominal swelling, loss of appetite and bad breath is a serious sign and you should seek medical attention immediately. Do not wait for fever to subside, call a medical professional for help and advice. While most common cases are mostly temporary conditions, as in poor indigestion, constipation or a pulled abdominal muscle, it is recommended to take no chances when you experience it.