Lower Left Abdominal Pain in Men

Lower left abdominal pain in men can have various causes ranging from ordinary causes such as gas accumulation and constipation to a much chronic and fatal condition such as kidney and liver infections or even cancer.

Lower Left Abdominal Pain in Men – What Is It?

Lower left abdominal pain in men is the sensation or sense of pain felt on the left lower side of the abdomen. The pain originating in the abdominal section or cavity is most commonly referred to as abdominal or stomach pain. Lower left abdominal pain in men can come for different reasons from a typical digestive disorder to a much more severe symptom suck as an infectious disease.

In general, stomach pains are just simple or ordinary pains, however they can sometimes progress to a chronic abdominal pain. If this happens, it is recommended to consult or visit a medical professional to verify or diagnose the possibility of an underlying complication or infection that causes the chronic abdominal pain in the body.

Lower Left Abdominal Pain in Men – Which Are The Causes?

There are many causes of lower left abdominal pain in men. Listed below are some of the most typical disorders that can cause lower left abdominal pains.

– Kidney Stones: Lower left abdominal pain in men is also a symptom of kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed on the inner surface of the kidneys and are made of acid salts and hard mineral deposits. They can cause severe pain towards lower sides of the abdomen.
– Cystitis: is a common urinary tract infection (UTI) caused by the inflammation of the bladder due to infection of bacteria, which can induce severe pain in the abdomen’s lower part.
– Diverticulitis: is an infection in the digestive cavity, usually the symptoms consist of the formation of small pouches of Diverticula in different parts of the digestive tract that usually happens in the large intestine.
– Colon Cancer: One common symptom of lower left abdominal pain in men is colon cancer. The colon is located in the digestive system and part of the large intestine.

Lower Left Abdominal Pain in Men – Some Home Remedies

– Always drink plenty of warm liquids (water). This is of great help in relieving or reducing the lower abdominal pain in men;
– Avoid eating solids or hard kinds of food when suffering from abdominal pain. Eat foods that can easily be digested;
– Do not take any painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. as they can get your condition much worse;
– Use a heat pad or bottle with hot water on the lower abdomen, this can help relieve and reduce the pain from the lower abdomen;
– Avoid eating high fat foods, citrus fruits, alcohol, caffeine, tomato products, fried foods and carbonated beverages; this can really reduce the discomfort in the lower abdomen;
– Taking antiacids will help greatly if the cause for lower abdominal pain in men is heartburn, gas, or indigestions;